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Dune (2021)

11th of October 2021, Uppsala

I have my own, very special relationship with the “Dune” saga. Herbert’s universe is a subject I love for more than 20 years, “God Emperor of Dune” — probably the best novel in the genre, and “Dune 2000” is the best installment in C&C series.

And I did not really like the new movie. It is definitely not a fail, and I will watch the next part with a great pleasure. However, no excitement whatsoever.

There is one flaw I must highlight: Lady Jessica. The Lady of Arrakis, a character troubled by the messianic role of her son (and not his immediate well-being!), trained mastermind and plotter, is portrayed constantly whimpering and frightened.

This is Lady Jessica (“Dune”, 1984).

Other characters are OK or even perfect. Baron Harkonnen is pure gold, something neither David Lynch nor Sci Fi channel did well. Stilgar is also brilliant, different from its noble savage archetype, and for the best.

Overall, 7/10. ”Arrival” was 10/10.